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New to Climbing?

  • Never climbed before but want to give it a go? Climbed a couple of times, or a few years ago, and want to get back into climbing? Then we have a session that is right for you. Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It is a fantastic way to exercise, and all in a great social setting to enjoy with friends. Its the holy grail of exercise – a mix of resistance training and aerobic workout, with serious carb burn and great for developing flexibility and agility. Research shows a full on climbing session burns 600 – 1,000 calories per hour!


Bouldering is an exciting type of rock climbing which is normally done at a low level without ropes. Just as the name suggests, outside, this type of climbing is usually done on boulders or smaller rock outcrops. Our extensive indoor bouldering areas give you a state of the art facility to start. Normally consisting of shorter more powerful routes bouldering provides a fun activity that is easy to get into and beats going to the gym any day of the week!

how do I start?


Roped Climbing

Roped climbing involves scaling our taller walls while attached to a rope for safety if you fall off. This is the type of climbing you will have seen out on many of the cliffs and rock faces around the UK and indeed the world! It's a little trickier to get into, but for those with the drive and patience the rewards can be immense!

how do I start?

  • Option One: Give yourself a taste, with one of our action packed Taster sessions
  • Option Two: If you want to become and independant climber and learn all the skills to use White Spider without an instructor, book onto our Beginners Climbing Course
Where we are

White Spider Climbing
225 Hook Rise South
Surbiton, KT6 7LD
Just off the A3/A240 at Tolworth Junction.

Mon           2pm - 10pm
Tues – Fri           10am - 10pm
Sat – Sun        10am - 7.30pm
Bank Holidays 10am - 7.30pm

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What's On

It's arrived: RED SPIDER !!!

Yes Red Spider is open, a 1200m2 dedicated boulder centre in Fareham and servicing Soton and Pompey area. If you are registered at White there is no need to re-register at Red.

And if you are a member of White then its included FREE!

So come on down and check out our new sister facilities - bringing you the same high quality in build, setting and facilities.

Checkout and Red Spider on Facebook for updates...

Social climbing sessions:

We run social sessions for Adults, Ladies and Bouldering... They are proving to be really popular, growing in numbers, so check out our social climbing page and come and join in!