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New to Climbing?


Never climbed before but want to give it a go? Climbed a couple of times, or a few years ago, and want to get back into climbing? Then we have a session that is right for you. 


Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It is a fantastic way to exercise, and all in a great social setting to enjoy with friends.


Its the holy grail of exercise – a mix of resistance training and aerobic workout, with serious carb burn and great for developing flexibility and agility. Research shows a full on climbing session burns 600 – 1,000 calories per hour! The NHS also publicised a great article extolling the benefits of climbing in Sept 2014. So forget lifting weights or pounding the running machine, come on down to White Spider and enjoy your fitness!


We offer a full spectrum of sessions – including Autobelays, taster sessions, beginners courses, private lessons, term time and holiday kids clubs, social climbing. Plus for more experienced climbers, improvers courses, private lessons, our competition squad.


Taster sessions for adults and children, for adults they run both at the weekends or weekday evenings and at the weekends for children. Taster sessions are an opportunity to try climbing out in a relaxed and comfortable environment, ideal for those who have never tried this fun and versatile sport.


Alternatively we offer Private Lessons. We can be flexible with dates and times as the session is your own, so let us know what you would like to get out of your session. With private lessons we can book a maximum of 3 people per instructor and we can mix the ages, so if both father and son want a go, it’s not a problem!


Our Adult Beginners Course is a comprehensive program we run either during weekday evenings or over the weekend. During the course you will learn knot-tying and belay techniques as well as familiarising yourself with climbing equipment, centre rules and safety.  The beginner’s course will give you the skills you need to climb unsupervised at our centre.  


Our Adult Boulder Beginners is a short course, giving you the know-how to be safe on our bouldering areas without supervision.


We offer Refresher Sessions – so you used to climb years ago and you’re a little rusty on some of the essential techniques you need to be safe while climbing. We suggest you either take part in our Beginner’s course or take a string of private lessons to get you back up to scratch. Please note there needs to be at least two participants.  


For kids – please check out our youth pages for our popular term time and holiday kids clubs. 


More and detailed information below!



It's important you read through the 'Planning your visit' pages before attending White Spider. We've put all our frequently asked questions on this page to help you too! 


"I completed the 6 hour Beginners Course. It was fantastic – everything I need to know with a fabulous instructor, who pitched the sessions at perfect level, good fun and a lovely guy!" 


"Excellent! Really good, friendly and systematic instruction. Learnt loads – I'm hooked!!"





Can I come and have a go?

Yes! There are a number of ways to get into climbing.


Autobelays are a great way to start. We have 4 auto-belays here at the centre, covering easy grades through to advanced. They are a great system that works without the use of a belayer or instructor. We'll simply show you how to use them safely and you're free to give them a go on our climbing wall.

– Priced at £5 for every 15 minutes for both adults and children.

Once you've given the auto belays a go book a session with one of our skilled instructors to develop your overall climbing skills.


Want to check out the centre before booking a session?

Please come down and have a look, one of our friendly staff members will show you around.  However please be aware that all instructed sessions at White Spider must be pre-booked as our sessions are popular, and do tend to get booked up in advance. We are rarely able to cater for those who arrive and want an immediate session.


Adult Taster Session

Benefits: An opportunity to give climbing a go in a fun environment under full instructor supervision, with up to 6 adults to a group. 


– 1 hour

– £18.50  

– Courses run weekday evenings and throughout the weekend (subject to availability). 

– To book, give us a call on 0208 397 0390.**


Private Lesson 

Benefits: A 1:1 session with an instructor, which can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. 

The session is yours! The instructor will be happy to tailor the session to whatever you'd most like to do.  


– 1 hour

– Individuals (max 3 participants): prices from £40 per hour  

– Groups (4+ participants): prices from £90 per hour . For detailed price information, please visit 'Prices'

– Lessons can be scheduled at any time during the week within our opening hours. 

– Give us a call on 0208 397 0390 to book!** 


For information on our options for kids, please have a look at the 'Youth' tab here. 

**Please note: we are unable to take provisional bookings, so payment is required to reserve your places! 







Want to learn how to climb?

If you want to learn, we want to teach you!

Like with learning to drive, we feel that repeated experience under instructor supervision will make you the best climber you can be. This can either be done through our beginners course (details below), or through a series of private lessons. Pre-booking is essential for all our courses, as they do tend to get booked up in advance. 


Beginners course 

Benefits: The course provides an in-depth tuition in belaying, knot tying and risk management, allowing you to tackle all top ropes with independence and confidence. This is also a cost and time effective solution! 


– 6 hours duration, across two 3 hour sessions. 

– £95 per person 

– Courses run on Mondays 7-10pm, Thursdays 7-10pm and on afternoons during the Weekend.

– Give us a ring on 0208 397 0390 to book yourself in. 

Please note: we need at least 2 people for a beginners course to run (it's hard to teach belaying with just one person..!), so courses may be rescheduled if they are undersubscribed. 


Boulder Beginners: 

Benefits: This course will teach you all you need to know to be allowed to boulder independently at White Spider – in just 1 hour! 


– 1 hour duration 

– £20.00 per person (Adults only) 

- Boulder Beginners run weekday evenings and throughout the weekend (subject to availability). 

– To book, give us a call on 0208 397 0390! 


If these times don't work for you, you can always book a series of private lessons. Information on these sessions is available within the "How do I get involved" section above. 

For further pricing information, please visit: Prices








Do you offer anything for groups?

We have loads of options available to groups here at White Spider. 

For adult charity, corporate or other groups, please call us on 0208 397 0390 and we can talk you through your options!  

For groups of under 18s, please check out Schools & Youth Groups, in the youth tab. 







How much does it cost?

Here is a guide for beginner session prices: 

– Adult Taster sessions – £18.50  for 1 hour 

– Private lessons – from £40 per hour 

– Beginners course – £95 for 6 hours

– Boulder Beginners – £20 for 1 hour

For more detailed pricing information, please see: Prices


If you have friends/relatives who are experienced climbers, see 'My friend is an experienced climber' below. 








How do I book a session?

Pre-booking is essential for all coached climbing. The best way to check availability or make a booking is by email to, alternatively please call us on 0208 397 0390 or check with our staff at reception.  Please also note we are not able to take provisional bookings – so payment in full is required to secure any sessions or places. 


However don't forget we have 4 Autobelays and the kids' Castle:

– our Autobelays are on a first come first served basis, they can only be booked in person at reception in 15 min slots in the first half of the hour (the rest of the time they are available to other climbers at White Spider)

the Castle is open at all times and does not require pre-booking.


Check out our prices for all sessions.







My friend is an experienced climber, can I visit White Spider with them?

Absolutely! They are allowed to supervise a maximum of 2 people. If they are the only experienced climber, they won't be allowed to use our ropes but they can belay for you. We are more than happy for you to boulder together. 

You will need to sign up with our online waiver registration (or use our ipads when you are here), pay the standard entry fees and sign on the Supervision register for the day with your friend. 







How do I get my kids involved?

We've got loads for kids to get involved with at White Spider, check out the 'Youth' pages here for more options. 








I used to climb a few years ago, how can I get back into it?

We'd suggest you book a private lesson with one of our instructors to refresh your memory on all things climbing. 

If you've had a really long gap, they may suggest you do a beginners course to fully remind yourself and make you the best climber you can be. 

Failing that, we'd suggest you come down with some experienced climbers and ask them to supervise you the first few times. Once you feel confident you can climb independently, you can ask to go through the registration process and get signed off yourself.  







I'm a disabled ambulant climber, what facilities does White Spider have?

We have an accessible disabled toilet on the ground floor. We also have instructors who are specifically trained to support disabled ambulant users. We are committed to being as inclusive as we can be, so please do contact us if you'd like to book or have any questions.










Where we are

White Spider Climbing
225 Hook Rise South
Surbiton, KT6 7LD
Just off the A3/A240 at Tolworth Junction.

Mon           2pm - 10pm
Tues – Fri           10am - 10pm
Sat – Sun        10am - 7.30pm
Bank Holidays 10am - 7.30pm

Save time - preregister!

What's On

Fri 10th April 2015: White Spider's Boulder Comp

Our monthly First Friday! boulder comp - but delayed for Easter so you can enjoy both Font and Spider! As usual it will feature awesome setters plus !! CASH PRIZES !!

Social climbing sessions:

We run social sessions for Adults, Ladies and Bouldering... They are proving to be really popular, growing in numbers, so check out our social climbing page and come and join in!