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25 Apr 2013 14:35

New routes set by Liam

Liam 'suns out guns out' Halsey setting some new routes for all you lucky climbers out there… Happy days!!

Cheers, the White Spider Team

23 Apr 2013 8:52

Happy St George’s Day!


St George's Day


It's a beautiful day here, the rich aroma of our freshly ground "Rave" coffee, a tempting array of delicious cakes, the sunshine streaming through to the White Spider crag, over 250 routes and 120 boulder problems to blitz.


Come on down and have a climb on this glorious English day!



the White Spider Climbing Team

11 Apr 2013 12:28

Roof setting by Yann and Gaz

New Roof Setting

New roof set today by Yann and Gaz on 11th April. And Stew is setting new lines on Monday 15th.

Come down and get your grunt on!

Cheers, The White Spider Team