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29 May 2013 18:17

Video | Testing out the new stalactite roof

Here is the latest video evidence of just how incredible our new stalactite roof is going to be!
It's been a fascinatingly noisy few weeks whilst the build has been taking place. The crew have done a fantastic job – just a few more finishing touches to be had – paint and route setting – and then it's time to open the wall to all of you!

We're going to be holding our own Stalactite Roof Launch Party on Saturday 8th June, so make sure to spread the word and join us for the party!

stal roof testing

One of our team members Stu gave it some beans for the first ever ascent, captured on our Spider Cam… Enjoy!



22 May 2013 18:14

May 27th Bank Holiday, Sky-Lights and System Boards

We are open from 10am – 7.30pm this Bank Holiday Monday, May 27th, to satisfy all your climbing cravings!

Come and see our new roof skylight and tell us what you think!

There will also be a selection of new routes put up by James G for you to enjoy, and rumour has it, one or two new stalactites to be installed, too!

B testing on the stal roof

We also have a new Systems Board in place, adjacent to our infamous cave bouldering area, along with a selection of 'Make Your Own Problem' pages, which can be found towards the bottom left of the board. 

Simply put a circle around the handholds on the page, and put a square around the footholds to create your own boulder problems.

DSCN0102 DSCN0103  

DSCN0104 DSCN0105

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12 May 2013 18:16

Summer Half-Term activities at White Spider

Half term is coming up, and from Monday 20th May – Sunday 2nd June White Spider will be running a whole host of different sessions, every single day:

To enquire or to book any half-term activity, call us today on 0208 397 0390.

The Web A daily climbing techniques workshop, providing 90 minutes of quality technical instruction from some of the best climbing coaches in the south.

Summer half term activities at White Spider

The Web is perfectly suited towards any of our current Kids’ Club members, to hone and progress their spider climbing skills.

If you’re enrolled on our NICAS courses, then don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to fast-forward your climbing development with instructors Tom and Andy.

They will start you off on simple, but vital techniques lying at the foundation of climbing. Bridging? Smearing? You'll be shown the essentials. From there, you will apply what you’ve learnt to the walls, before progressing on to more complex moves.

By the end of the session, expect to have a whole new range of moves to utilise throughout the rest of the Summer term.

  • The Web is 1.5 hours in duration, for 7-17 year olds.
  • Workshops will be held:  Monday – Friday at 10am and 2pm
                                              Saturday and Sunday at 10am only.
                                              £15 per head


Tasters – we are also hosting a whole range of taster sessions for the newbie climbers amongst you.

If you’ve never tried climbing before, or think your kids would like to give it a go, then our taster sessions are the place to start:


  •  Tiny Tarantulas | 5-6 years | 1 hour | £12.50 per child
     1 Instructor : 4 Children
  •  Spider Monkeys | 7-17 years | 1.5 hours | £12.50 per person
     1 Instructor : 6 Children

Want to try climbing as a family?

A mix of adults and children together, Family Taster sessions are the ideal choice if you want to give indoor climbing a go and see your folks climb the ropes!

  • Family Taster | £12.50 per child | £18.50 per adult | 1.5 hours
    1 Instructor : 6 people 


All of our coaching sessions at White Spider must be pre-booked. To book your half-term activity, call us today on 0208 397 0390.


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07 May 2013 18:46

New Stalactite Roof at White Spider Climbing

Rumours of a Stalactite Roof…?

Stal Roof at White Spider Climbing

… are true! We start build today on a new 50m2 stal roof, to go between the existing roof and the courtyard. It will offer some great new routes, 15-19m in length. There will be 7 stals, from 1-3m long, plus a hanging slab. Some routes will stitch together across the stals, offering some respite from gravity. No doubt our route setters will also manage some fiendishly hard roof climbing.

Build is going to take 3 weeks, during which time lines 25-39 and the slackline will not be available, however all the rest of the centre will be open as usual. In the meantime, check out this video in our gallery for a sense of what it will be like:

New Stal Roof – coming to White Spider at the end of May 2013

Cheers, The White Spider Team.

03 May 2013 15:52

Another busy week setting…

It's been a busy week of re-setting here at White Spider. On Monday we had Yann re-set the training board 

Yann testing

and our own Stew re-set lines 1 and 2. Then on Wednesday we had Mat re-set lines 19 and 68. Lot's to keep you going.

Cheers, the White Spider Climbing Team