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28 Jul 2013 9:25

Summer Leagues

To celebrate the lead up to our 1st birthday, we will be running two leagues across a 4 week period. The good news is it's FREE to enter!!

Summer Spider League

Each week will present fresh challenges to test your climbing, and scores will be added up across all four events. All entrants will be presented with a score card on arrival, which will be collected again at the end of each session. The person with the highest cumulative score in each league will be crowned the winner!  Just present yourself on the day and say you want to get involved!! 


The competitive categories will be split into:

  • Adults (18+) – Male and Female division
  • Juniors (Under 18s) – Male and Female division


N.B. All juniors participating will either need to have passed our Unsupervised Access Test, or be supervised at all times by a competant adult climber. 


Boulder League – Tuesdays 7 – 9pm – Starting 30th July

The Boulder League problems will be ready to climb each Tuesday from 7pm, with grades ranging between V0 – V8. The routes will remain up for the rest of the week, but to enter the league the routes must be attempted during the Tuesday evening session. 

The final session will be on Tuesday 20th August. 


Lead Climbing League – Thursdays 7 – 9pm – Starting 1st August

Members of the White Spider team will be on hand to belay from 7pm – 9pm each Thursday. Attempts on the route will be scored, with cards collected in at the end of each session.  

The league will be split into a series of challenges: 

  • Thursday 1st August – Week 1 – Difficulty 
  • Thursday 8th August – Week 2 – Speed Climbing
  • Thursday 15th August – Week 3 – Dyno!! 
  • Thursday 22nd August – Week 4 – Stal Roof

So get yourself involved for a fun and challenging few weeks..!

25 Jul 2013 15:22

Bouldering Social Evenings

A new fixture for Friday nights: Luke & Jade's Boulder Workshops! The sessions will run from 6 – 8pm each week, with key techniques and movement skills being covered helping you progress to the next level. 

photo (2)

The workshops are ideally aimed at those of you who want to improve and offer a chance to learn how to boulder better. Mainly focussing on the Purple, Yellow, Orange and Blue circuits, Jade and Luke will help you master the fundamentals of climbing movement. 


  • As with the Adult & Ladies Social evenings, the workshops are FREE to join!


  • Only the usual entry fee is required (£10 adults, £8 concessions), and no prior booking is needed either. Just let reception know you want to get involved and we can take it from there! 


Please note: To participate you must be signed off on an Unsupervised Bouldering form.  

24 Jul 2013 16:33

Summer Film Nights

We'll be screening a selection of films each Monday evening from 7pm, and better still – they will be completely FREE!

No need to book, just show up and enjoy! 


Detailed schedule: 

Monday 29th July – Wideboyz by Hot Aches Productions

"The world of offwidth crack climbing is a strange sub-culture rumoured to be dominated by knuckle-dragging, bar-brawling dirt-bags! … Two climbers from England, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, set out to explore this world and climb the world’s hardest offwidths. … The tour culminates in the first ascent of the ultimate offwidth test piece, Century Crack, the world’s hardest offwidth."

We have a special discount code with Hot Aches Productions, quote 'Spider' and get £5 off any product on their website! 


Monday 5th August- Life on Hold by Outcrop Films

"Two years in the making, "Life on Hold" follows Britain's top climbers … as they tackle some of the hardest problems around the UK. From the tough, mentally challenging highballs on the gritstone edges, to the short, powerful, esoteric teat pieces of the limestone and everything in between. This is a film showcasing the new emerging scene of strong boulders’ and their tour around Britain's finest."


Monday 12th August- E11 by Hot Aches Productions

"E11 tells the story behind the first ascent of Rhapsody, a route considered to be the hardest traditional rock climb in the world. Told in an offbeat dramadoc style the film attempts to understand what it takes to climb a route of this standard. E11 strives to get inside the head of its first ascentionist, the understated yet quite remarkable Dave MacLeod.Oh yeah, it’s also packed full of ankle smashing, gear ripping, monster falls!"

We have a special discount code with Hot Aches Productions, quote 'Spider' and get £5 off any product on their website! 


Monday 19th August- Crossing the Ice

"Australian adventurers, James Castrission and Justin Jones, dare to tackle the perilous journey across Antarctica to the South Pole and back again, completely unassisted — just two men dragging their food and shelter across 1140 kilometres of barren ice. Many have tried;, all have failed. After much planning and preparation, Cas and Jonesy arrive to tackle one of the last great Antarctic odysseys, but discover an eerie similarity to Captain Scott’s race to the South Pole: there’s a Norwegian on the ice. He’s more experienced, he’s tackling the same record, and he has a head start."



22 Jul 2013 16:10

Open Slackline Workshops

White Spider slackline instructor Harry Cloudfoot will be running an Open Slackline Workshop on Wednesdays between 7-9pm.  He'll be covering a range of techniques to help get you sending in no time!


Time:  7 – 10pm 


Price: Regular Entry Fee | £10 Adults | £8 Kids


What to expect: 
Using the new White Spider slackline, Harry will take you through some beginners' basics, teaching you how to balance and walk. 

Seeing as Summer is the season for highlines, Harry will also help to get you highline-ready, assessing your mount techniques and working on some exercises for breath and mind control! 

Being an open workshop means there are no pre-requisites for joining in, so just turn up, let reception know you want to slackline, and go from there!
If you have any techniques or skill-specific questions for Harry, then this is the session to ask him and get some advice.



The White Spider Team 

21 Jul 2013 13:20

White Spider in Climber Magazine!

White Spider is really excited to be featured in Climber Magazine's August issue! The article covers where the name came from, the early days and even the thinking behind the design. 

Climber Magazine August 2013


Have a read! For a larger image, have a look on our facebook page:



The White Spider Team