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30 Dec 2014 18:37

Happy New Year!

We are open on 31st Dec – from 10am until 4pm.

Happy New Year 2015 from White Spider

And we are open on 1st Jan 2015 from 12 noon until 10pm.

So come on down and start the New Year the way you intend to keep going – with some great climbing with your friendly crew…!


Cheers, the White Spider Team

23 Dec 2014 13:11

Climbing in London – by Indigo Memoirs

Another great review of White Spider – this one by Indigo Memoirs 

White Spider, Kingston-Upon-Thames

As one of the largest indoor wall climbing centres in the UK, ‘White Spider’ has over 350 climbing routes for climbers of all ages and levels. The tuition is first class if you are a novice climber, and overall the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. The centre also hosts birthday parties for children, and events for groups of climbers. For experienced climbers there are plenty of routes to keep you going for hours, and keep you going back for more! There is also a spectator’s area if you wish to bring a friend along, or someone to watch the children whilst you climb. Alternatively, if your children are feeling adventurous, there are mini climbing and bouldering walls for them to play on, and a play castle. This is definitely a centre that caters to everybody’s tastes, be it a family climbing day out, solo climbing, birthday parties, or beginners lessons – the size and facilities ‘White Spider’ have to offer are excellent!


23 Dec 2014 12:56

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all from the White Spider Team!

We are open as usual on the 23rd – so come on down for your last climb before Christmas.

We are closed on 24-26, but open as usual on the 27th.


13 Dec 2014 17:55

Waddy Traverse

Check out this bad boy:

Great new traverse route across the face of the waddy – set by Stew. And more off-peak traverse routes to come.

13 Dec 2014 9:00

On Sky Sports – again!

Sky Sports were here at White Spider last week – and then aired this awesome short video on Saturday 13th December as part of their "Introduction to sports…" series.

Sky Sports: Introducing Climbing

It features some great shots of White Spider and 3 members of our Junior Comp SquadBeth, Chris and Lucy, talking about why they love climbing so much.  Its a great trailor for climbing – and whilst it is clearly aimed at kids we offer great climbing for adults and kids alike. So if you are interested we run sessions throughout the year for people of all levels and all ages, from beginners to elite comps.  Check out our other pages and see what all the fuss is about!



the White Spider Climbing Team

05 Dec 2014 22:00

Boulder Comp Results: Dec14

Results from the December Boulder Comp are up! Well done to all those who participated, overall scores coming soon!

Boulder Comp Results 5 Dec 14

The current boulder set will be up through Christmas and the New Year – we had particularly good feedback on this set and there is something for everyone.

The next round of comps will kick off in the new year, starting on Friday 6th Feb 2015.



29 Nov 2014 18:07

LUBE results

We had a great day here, excellent standards of climbing.

Check out the results at LUBE:




28 Nov 2014 18:00

Lube setting

Preparing for the London University Bouldering Event (LUBE) tomorrow, 10 – 3.

Come enjoy the buzzzzzz with 25 brand new routes! — with Evie CotruliaMatt 'Pablo' Varela-Christie and Yann Genoux.

06 Nov 2014 19:26

BBC1 Politics meets Slacklining at White Spider!

White Spider has been back on BBC1 again. Not with David Tenant and Toby Kebbell again ( – this time we've gone all political…!

We hosted Adam Boulton from Sky for a tongue-in-cheek politics meets slacklining segment for Andrew Neil's This Week show on Thursday.

Andrew Neil in This Week

Our own Harry Cloudfoot was also spotted in the building, but we can't say whether he acted as a foot double or not! (the Spider section starts at 20:27).

01 Nov 2014 20:18

Mina’s Masterclass for Women

On the 1st November White Spider was delighted to host star climber, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, for the afternoon. Mina is Vice President of the BMC, is on the Senior British Bouldering Team competing for GB, was the first British woman to climb F8b+ in Britain, 'Mecca' at Raven Tor…

Mina climbing at White Spider

…in the Peak District and the second British woman to climb 8b+ anywhere in the world), has climbed E8 trad, Font 8a+ bouldering, and is the only female to have repeated Careless Torque!

Mina's materclass centred around bouldering and training, and was followed by a coaching session for the White Spider Junior Squad alongside her partner, David Mason. All proceeds went to CAC – Climbers Against Cancer.


White Spider's Karen Anderson attended the women's session and was pleasantly surprised to find herself making quick progress on problems she had previously thought out of her range.


Karen says, "Mina has a pleasant, clear way of giving us great tips on tweaking our body position, and some fun ideas on practicing dynamic movement. We also ran through a quick but effective strength training session. By the end, as exhausted as we all felt, there was a great sense of enthusiasm amongst the group."


Another participant remarked,"It is refreshing to see someone who climbs at a very high level using brains, not just brawn, to overcome problems.”


On behalf of White Spider, the Junior Squad and the ladies, thank you Mina for inspiring us and getting us psyched to try hard!​


If you want to find out more about Mina see:


01 Nov 2014 14:40

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk at Spider on 1st Nov!

White Spider Climbing is very excited to announce that Mina Leslie-Wujastyk will be at the centre on the 1st November




Mina is Vice President of the BMC, is on the Senior British Bouldering Team competing for GB, was the first British woman to climb F8b+ in Britain, 'Mecca' at Raven Tor in the Peak District (and he second British woman to climb 8b+ anywhere in the world), has climbed E8 trad, Font 8a+ bouldering, and is the only female to have repeated Careless Torque!

Mina is a fiercely talented climber, and a very humble and likeable person. An extremely good sporting role model.


Mina will be coaching 1 Womens Boulder Session between 2pm and 4pm! – £25 per person, DON'T MISS OUT!


There are 8 spaces available, all proceeds go to CAC – Climbers Against Cancer …




… Mina has her own film which will feature in BRIT ROCK, Project Mina, 'Are pro climbers anything like you and me?  Do they ever put lots of effort into training only to fail miserably at a comp and question why they bother at all, or is it all glory and sending?  Project Mina is a look at the moments between the top-outs and success, following Mina Leslie-Wujastyk during the 2013 competition season.  Filmed by the talented Jen Randal.'


Call to book on 020 8397 0390 – Let us know what you would like to achieve out of the session and what grades you currently climb at. 


Check out Mina's Blog!






31 Oct 2014 19:00

Spooky Special for Halloween 2014

Come and join us to celebrate Halloween on Friday, the 31st October.

The best dressed (yerself!) and the best dressed pumpkin will each win £50 of prizes…

Halloween at White Spider

Here's some of the staff pumpkins from last year…

Prizes are a WS hoodie and a chalk bag of your choice, or swap for anything else in stock of same value.

The comp will run through the day – but if there are enough around at 7.30pm we will run a catwalk…


Cheers, the White Spider Team

22 Oct 2014 13:43


Ned "The Baker" Fehally is 3 times British Bouldering Champion. He has competed in bouldering world cups and has made finals. He's not a bad setter either! Ned came in to White Spider recently to set the boulder comp wall, and we caught up with him to find out a bit more……..

Ned On Zombie Nation, 8a, Albarracin

Ned on Zombie Nation, 8a, Albarracin

Name: Ned Feehally
Where are you from?: Sheffield
Favourite Climbing Music?: Anything with a beat
Favourite Crag Food?: Soreen malt loaf
How did you first get into climbing?: A friend of the family took my brothers and I out in the Lakes. I liked it and after that I started going to the local wall and eventually getting out rock climbing at weekends
How long have you been climbing?: 18 years
What is your proudest achievement in climbing?: Making World cup finals is probably the hardest thing I have done but I am pretty proud of some of my ascents on rocks over the years
What's your favorite problem/route you've ever done?: It has to be Careless Torque at Stanage
Why was it so good?: Amazing moves, good height, lots of history and it's in a great place
Where is your favorite crag- In UK?: St. Bees in Cumbria
Outside UK?: Fontainbleau
If you could give someone one piece of advice for climbing, what would it be?: Make sure you enjoy it!
Who or what inspires you, and where do you get your motivation from?: I get inspired by big, impressive boulders with cool moves on them. It's easy to train if you have a goals like this in mind
If you hadn't got into climbing, what do you think you'd be doing instead?: I'd probably have a real job somewhere. I like to think I'd still spend a lot of time outdoors tho
How long have you been route setting?: Maybe 4 years on and off
What do you love most about setting?: Trying to set interesting and unique moves
Where do you get your inspiration for route setting?: From rock climbing mainly, but also from the possibility of setting moves that you could never find outdoors
What's coming up next for you?: A bouldering trip to America hopefully!

Sponsors: 5.10, Arc'teryx, Wild Country, Beastmaker



Ned on Jack's Broken Heart, 8a+, Magic Wood

11 Oct 2014 16:23

BRIT ROCK Film Tour 2014


Saturday 11th October

Screening: 8 pm

Tickets: £10 – Available to buy at reception or over the phone!

Raffle Tickets at £1 each – all proceeds to go to CAC Climbers Against Cancer


The Brit Rock film tour is the first home grown adventure tour to emerge from the vibrant UK adventure film making industry.  Brit Rock comes right from the heart of the UK adventure scene, with liberal splashes of the inimitable British spirit.

Adding to the program are short interjections with observational and comedy breaks, from the likes of the leftfield author Niall Grimes and funny man Dave Halsted.


Headline Acts include …


  • Wainwrights Record Attempt The unassuming Steve Birkinshaw is one of the great fell runners and fittest men ever to exist.  Have your mind and arteries blown as Steve attempts to break Joss Naylor's 27 year old record by linking up all 214 Lakeland Wainwright summits in under seven days. A level of suffering breaching into the super human.
  • Stone Free Julian Lines is the best climber you've never heard of.   He is undoubtedly Britain's most accomplished free climbing soloist with world-class free ascents to his name. This deeply personal account of the archetypal anti-hero is a stunning portrait that will leave your jaw on the floor.
  • All My Own Stunts Yorkshireman Rob Jarman is a downhill mountain bike specialist and professional stuntman.  This gripping and emotional film tells the story of a near fatal accident and his road to recovery.  Redoubtable, affable and hilarious, it's a compelling ride with Rob Jarman, on, and more often than not, off his bike.
  • Project Mina Are pro climbers anything like you and me?  Do they ever put lots of effort into training only to fail miserably at a comp and question why they bother at all, or is it all glory and sending?  Project Mina is a look at the moments between the top-outs and success, following Mina Leslie-Wujastyk during the 2013 competition season.  Filmed by the talented Jen Randal.


Raffle prizes include a Signed Copy of Jules Lines biography, some great prizes from Cotswold and …. more to come!

Watch The Trailer!

08 Oct 2014 13:32

Setter Interview: Ben West

Ben West is is top UK climber, route setter and climbing coach. He is part of the British Bouldering Team and competes at  a World Cup level. He recently came in to White Spider set the lower bouldering mezz and we're excited to have him back again next Thursday 16th Oct to set some lead routes. We caught up with Ben last time he was in to ask him a few questions and get to know him better……..

Ben West

Ben West Competing at Blokfest 2014

Name: Ben West
Where are you from: Bristol
Favourite Climbing Music: Anything electronic and generally with a beat
Favourite Crag Food?: Smoked Almands
How did you first get into climbing?: A school trip to Undercover Rock
How long have you been climbing?: 14yrs
What is your proudest achievement in climbing?: Climbing the FA of Helvetia 8c at Shipwreck Cove, The Gower
What's your favorite problem/route you've ever done?: Theres so many, Conquistador 8a+ has to be one of them in Chironico, Switzerland and obviously Helvetia
Why was it so good?: Conquistador is all about compression which is one of my favourite styles. And Helvetia because its the first thing I have really put any time in to. 
Where is your favourite crag- In UK?: It would be a toss up between LPT, Shipwreck or Kilnsey          
Outside UK?: Rocklands
If you could give someone one piece of advice for climbing, what would it be?: For those that haven’t tried it before, Do it! you won’t regret it.
Who or what inspires you, and where do you get your motivation from?: The youth of today inspire me, seeing how hard they work. I’m motivated by all styles of rock climbing, I love the fact that if you get slightly board of doing one thing or you fancy doing something else (say bouldering) you can move on to Sport, trad, comps etc. What ever floats your boat really. 
 If you hadn't got into climbing, what do you think you'd be doing instead?: No idea
 How long have you been route setting?: 10yrs or so
What do you love most about setting?: Being creative and watching people trying to work out what you have set
Where do you get your inspiration for route setting?: I guess a lot of my inspiration comes from comps but also moves you have done outside. and my heroes would be  the likes Jackie Godoff, Ian Vickers & Andy Long
What's coming up next for you?: Off to Font next weekend then I guess I better start getting back on the training for next years comp season
Who are your sponsors?: Evolv, Prana and Metolius


Ben West on "Helvetia" F8c

13 Sep 2014 21:42

SEND! at White Spider & our Birthday!


Saturday 13th September


White Spider Climbing turned 2 over the weekend. The party encompassed everything we love and do .. Climbing!


We hosted an awesome boulder competition with £1000 cash prize fund and over £1000 worth of prizes from our Sponsors, speed competition, taster sessions and slackline lessons for all the family, we also had Peel&Chimney’s Van serving fresh organic Pizza, other activities included face painting and a fun rope coiling competition.


The main focus of the day was to enjoy our success with the people that have contributed to our story.


So let’s start with the slacklining and our MC Harry Cloudfoot, Harry was a previous White spider employee who is missed at the centre. He brought the crowd together and really injected some passion and fun into the whole event; it was great to have him back putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Harry was around all day both teaching and demo-ing the ‘slackline’ (Slacklining is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points .. then you’re meant to walk along it!)




Our play Castle as always drew in our smallest climbers! With their own mini competition, activity sheet, face painting and goodie bag we had smiley faces in the café all day long.


Stew, White Spiders human machine, ran the speed climbing competition and the ‘Leap of Faith’, keeping everyone busy and having a good laugh along the way.


The main event, SEND! @ White Spider, drew in some fantastic climbers and they weren't disappointed with some awesome setting by Yann Genoux, Percy Bishton and Evie Cotrulia! The fun comp starting early and got the centre buzzing from the start, the elite category rocked up a little later to start their qualification round of 25 problems, each problem getter harder and harder .. and then we had 5 males and females ready to battle it out for the prize money!  Matt Cousins, Thom Arnold, Jon Partridge, Kris Suriyo and Dave Bone for the men and Alexia Basch, Becky Whaley, Lucy Englert, Lucy Bradbury and Libby Gamble for the girls. 3 Problems to complete each in front of a home crowd … we saw some excellent and inspiring climbing, well done to everyone and a massive congratulations to our winners Matt Cousins and Alexia Basch!




With a massive THANK YOU to ScarpaUK, GrivelUK, Wild Country, Cotswold Outdoor, Cotswold Kingston, Percy Bishton and Yann Genoux for setting some awesome blocs for SEND!, Gaz Parry for the masterclasses and shoe demo, Harry our amazing MC and Slackline tutor and a huge thank you to all the staff who worked hard to make this happen!

13 Sep 2014 20:09

SEND! at White Spider Results!



Bouldering Competition 13th September '14

Wondering where you placed?

Full results below! 


  Elite Male (Final) Tops Bonus
1 Matt Cousins 2 in 6 attempts 2 in 3 attempts
2 Thom Arnold 1 in 2 attempts 2 in 2 attempts
3 Jon Partridge 0 2 in 2 attempts
4 Kris Suriyo 2 in 3 attempts
5 Dave Bone 0 2 in 5 attempts


  Elite Male (Qualifiers) Points
1 Matt Cousins 247
2 Jon Partridge 240
3 Dave Bone 237
4 Thom Arnold 237
5 Kris Suriyo 222
6 Gaz Parry 221
7 Cameron McLoughlin 212
8 Tommy Matthews 212
9 Matt Valera-Christie 200
10 Seb Soithongsuk 197
10 Scott Soithongsuk 197
12 Sam ? 187
13 Ian Ash 160
14 Jamie Gardy 116
15 Joe Olson 104
16 Ryan Caby 84
17 Freddy High 82
18 Dylan Bibbs 57
19 Nathan Aylett 50
20 Ashley Scott 17


  Elite Female (Finals) Tops Bonus
1 Alexia Basch 2 in 5 attempts 3 in 4 attempts
2 Becky Whaley 0 2 in 2 attempts
3 Lucy Englert 0 1 in 2 attempts
4 Lucy Bradbury 0 1 in 5 attempts
5 Libby Gamble 0 1 in 8 attempts


  Elite Female (Qualifiers) Points
1 Becky Whaley 166
2 Imogen Horrocks (retired due to injury) 157
3 Lucy Englert 125
4 Alexia Basch 108
5 Libby Gamle 101
6 Lucy Bradbury 101
7 Lenaya Page 59


  Fun Category – Adult Male Points
1 William Roberston 161
2 Dave Page 148
3 Thomas Ader 147
4 Hoppy 145
5 Jonny Hatfield 127
6 Robert Du Lac 111
7 Jacob Robertson 104
8 Neil Christian 104
9 Charlie Latimer 91
10 Andrew Davey 85
11 Paul Skinner 75
12 Laurent Fewlleaubois 67


  Fun Category – Adult Female Points
1 Hazel Maclean 144
2 Karin Bradbury 117
3 Valerie Charding 47
4 Eleonora Morelli 44


  Fun Category – Junior Male Points
1 Matthew Gee 191
2 Nathan Whaley 179
3 Jake Collins 166
4 Oliver Martin 158
5 Christopher Butcher 150
6 Robert Cook 144
7 Finley Adams 140
8 Callum Cleary 143
9 Louis Smith 129
10 Harley Stone 90
11 Rhys Conlon 84
12 Tomasz Kolasinski 81
13 Harry Clark 81
14 Jason Gadd 80
15 James Toogoog 80
16 Angus Sutherland 67
17 William Chipperfield 60
18 Henry Chipperfield 60
19 Oliver Blackwell 60
20 Ethan Kaye 51


  Fun Category – Junior Female Points
1 Isabelle Adams 170
2 Lucy Rattue 160
3 Paola Fagan 155
4 Beth Christian 154
5 Rosie Phillips 151
6 Kathryn Davidson 135
7 Amy Flakes 126
8 Emma Futcher 120
9 Madeleine Broughton 117
10 Alice Pink 94
11 Louise Truman 84
12 Rita Rogers 77
13 Darcey 67
14 Aisling Cleary 62
15 Maia 60
15 Skye 60
15 Fleur Marren 60


All of us here at White Spider Climbing would like to thank everyone for coming down on Saturday 13th September! Photos to follow!


The White Spider Team


28 Aug 2014 10:05

Coming up: SEND! at White Spider 2014


REGISTRATION is now open for SEND! at White Spider, our MASSIVE boulder comp with = £2,000 cash/prizes =.

It's just one part of our HUGE 2nd Birthday Bash and one great party..!


  • £1000 CASH PRIZE FUND for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for Elite Male and Female categories! Pre-Registration required – NOW OPEN!
  • £1000 worth of sponsored PRIZES for the Fun and Youth Boulder Comp *Pre-registration optional
  • Yann Genoux and Percy Bishton setting the Boulder comp!
  • Scarpa and Grivel Sponsored Prizes!
  • Fun Speed Climbing Comp
  • Wild Country 'Crack Machine' and Wide Boyz screening
  • Tots Boulder Comp (in the Castle)
  • BBQ
  • DJ
  • LESS then HALF-PRICE Slacklining Classes with Harry! .. pre-book at reception or call us on 020 8397 0390
  • HALF-PRICE taster sessions 



Normal Entry *Price on the Day Adults *£10.50, Youth/Concession *£8.50 – No extra charge for competition entries!


Join our Facebook event for regular updates!


Party Time!

The White Spider Team,

25 Jul 2014 19:12

Youth Open Results


On Friday 25th July White Spider Climbing hosted the BMC Lead Youth Open 2014.


There was some fantastic climbing from all categories and some inspirational climbing from the finalists! 

'The lead event on Friday was held on the relatively short walls of the White Spider, meaning that the routes were short and sharp and packed a real bouldery punch. The qualifiers produced really determined efforts from those that made the finals, with everyone giving it maximum effort in the heat.' – BMC


Routes where set by Yann Genoux and Mike Langley; Challenging in different ways and served up some great variety for the climbers .. and thrilling to watch! 


Lead results: Official Competiton Results



Male Junior

1st Connor Byrne

2nd Ellis Butler Barker

3rd Buster Martin


Male A

1st Timo Zheng

2nd Jim Pope

3rd James Nugent


Male B

1st Cameron McLoughlin

2nd Dominic Vincent

3rd David Taylor


Male C

1st Oliver Graham

2nd Sam Bullock

3rd Nathan Whaley


Junior Female

1st Sarah Pashley

2nd Phoebe Nelson

3rd Naomi Tilley


Female A

1st Ellissa Bryant

2nd Olivia Corrigan

3rd Katie Williams


Female B

1st Hannah Slaney

2nd Rebecca Kinghorn

3rd Imogen Horrocks


Female C

1st Emily Phillips

2nd Kitty Morrison

3rd Pippa Watkin

22 Jul 2014 15:35

BMC Summer Youth Open

BMC Youth Open

The BMC Summer Lead Open Youth Event will be held on 25th July here at White Spider Climbing. 

ONLINE ENTRY NOW OPEN   –   Closes midday Wednesday 23rd July!

This is a fun competition but also part of the selection process for the GB Junior Bouldering and Lead Teams. 

'The BMC Open Youth Competitions are open to young climbers born between 1 January 1995 and 31 December 2002 and who are eligible to compete for Great Britain (ie hold a GB passport). Others may be invited at the discretion of the BMC.

Team managers from both the lead and bouldering teams will be looking at performances in these events as it will be used as part of the continuing monitoring process for the Great Britain Climbing Team. Consequently, these results will be considered – and will count – when selection for next year's GB team is is made.'

We look forward to seeing you there!


The White Spider Team