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31 Jan 2014 10:55

GAZ PARRY – Guest Setter Interview

Gaz Parry

We interviewed Gaz Parry when he was here to set for the BMC YCS 2014 at White Spider, and here's what he told us:


Name: Gaz Parry
Age: 40

Favourite Climbing Music?: None really, I like to be in my own place rather than someone else's. If music is on at the wall I prefer higher tempo psyche music rather than Mozart…nothing wrong with him though.


Favourite Crag Food?: 
Anything to snack on, bread’n’cheese, nuts, dark choc, oranges, apples’n’bananas.


How did you first get into climbing?: 
Used to do a lot of walking and scrambling with my dad. So it was just a natural progression.


How long have you been climbing?: 
Since I was 12. 


What is your proudest achievement in climbing?: Winning Arco Rock Masters 


What’s your favourite problem/route you've ever done?: 
Usually the last one, I just love climbing and moves!


Why was it so good?: 
My last route was an 8a onsight yesterday. Millennium at Terradets. Great moves and I felt on good form.


Where is your favourite crag- In UK?:  
Kilnsey or Goredale   


Outside of the UK?: 
Too many to mention!


If you could give someone one piece of advice for climbing, what would it be?: 
Don't let go! Too many people give up, drop off or climb down. Fall off going up!!


Who or what inspires you, and where do you get your motivation from?: 
People climbing better than me, and new and interesting moves, no matter what the grade.


If you hadn't got into climbing, what do you think you'd be doing instead?: 
Still something with the outdoors. I used to run mountain marathons and do Taekwondo as a kid.


How long have you been route setting?: 
Too long smiley


What do you love most about setting?: 
Watching people climb on my problems and have fun.


Where do you get your inspiration for route setting?: 
The holds are the inspiration for the moves, good holds = good blocs.


What's coming up next for you?: 
A few more days in Spain then back to set Blokfest at Nottingham for the 19th Jan. It’s always on the go though with Blokfest, setting, coaching, climbing, GB Boulder team, hold and clothing sales and my new role with the Mountain Boot Company.


Sponsors: Scarpa, Edelweiss, Grivel, Nihil Clothing 



31 Jan 2014 8:54

LUBE 2014

Round 3 of The London University Bouldering Event (LUBE) is taking place here at White Spider, Saturday 1st February, that’s tomorrow!


It’s a great competition, giving students the opportunity to compete against other universities and test their abilities against some of the best boulder talents they have to offer!


Between 10am and 1pm our bouldering areas will be closed off to the general public. Don’t let this put you off! From 1pm you guys are free to jump straight onto 25 brand new comp style problems ranging from V0 – V8!


We’ll see you all here on Saturday!


For more information on LUBE 2014 please visit: or



The White Spider Team


#WhiteSpiderClimbing #LUBE #londonuniversityboulderingevent

28 Jan 2014 17:30

Results from the BMC Youth Climbing Series 2014 round 1

On the 25th of January we hosted the first round of the regional BMC Youth Climbing Series, here at White Spider!


Libby (T-Rex) Gamble and Imogen (Immy) Horrocks

A fun and exciting series of competitions for children aged between 7 and 17. There are 2 rounds within each region, London & South East has been split this year into North and South as the competition is getting bigger and better with each year passing, and then a regional final. The regional final will decide which London and South East team will then go on and compete at the National Final at Ratho in Edinburgh in June.

All children have to complete 3 boulder problems and 3 routes in their age categories, all setting of boulders and routes take into account the age and size the competitors are likely to be within each category. Points are scored based on how far each competitor manages to climb up a boulder problem or route; there is a maximum of 100 points for routes and 60 for each of the boulder problem. 

The children are separated into the five categories, the girls and boys are divided into their own age groups that follow the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) system based on year of birth. 

Youth A – those born in 1997 & 1998
Youth B – those born in 1999 & 2000
Youth C – those born in 2001 & 2002
Youth D – those born in 2003 & 2004
Youth E – those born in 2005 & 2006

So with much excitement and anticipation, especially with having our very own amazing performance squad this year, we opened the event! Robyn O’Leary, Area Youth Coordinator, started with a quick briefing and it was all systems go! 

Parents, Coaches and volunteers jumped to their posts (a huge thank you to those who got involved and helped us out!) then it was time to climb and show us what they were made off. All participants worked incredibly hard and an inspiration to both the staff and everyone else in the centre, so well done everyone! 

So how did we do? . . . 
All were psyched and felt the pressure having to perform here at a home crowd! 

Libby (T-rex) Gamble looked strong and didn’t disappoint, looking more than comfortable on the routes winning her category, Girls A. Imogen (Immy) Horrocks also crushed, achieving full points in bouldering and did extremely well on routes meaning we saw her win her category, Girls B.  Another win came from category Boys D, our little (and not to be underestimated) Spider Baby Christopher Butcher. Christopher showcased some great climbing on Saturday and we’re so happy he managed the win! 

Our little ‘Munchkin’ Lucy Rattue did exceedingly well to accomplish 2nd place in her Girls C category, well done Lucy! Other results within the team saw Nat Hudspith, Boys B, and Ryan Caby, Boys A, on the podium, they were up against some strong competition and did extremely well to achieve 3rd place in their categories. Other great results include a 4th place for Beth Christian aka ‘wonderbaby’ in Girls D as well as a 5th place for Madeleine Broughton (Moo) in the same category, both displayed great team spirit and we loved their positive attitude. Kirsten Gentleman came in at 5th in Girls B, Kirsten overcame nerves and climbed very well to achieve a great result. Matt Davies also came in 5th in Boys A, again he displayed some great climbing. 

White Spider Squad YCS 2014 winners

White Spider Squad YCS 2014 winners
A massive thank you to the squad coaches, Andre Hedger, Belinda Fuller, Bronagh Cairns and David Collom, who support and nurture the dedicated talents within our incredible ‘White Spider Performance team’. Thank you to all the parents of the performance squad, without your help and support we wouldn’t have done so well, the team loves you guys! 

We would also like to say thanks to the route setters, Yann Genoux, Gaz Parry, Evie Cotrulia and Stew Terry. You guys created some awesome routes and boulder problems, which kept the competition interesting and nerve-wrecking! 

Another shout to Gaz Parry and Scarpa for holding a Scarpa boot Demo here at the Spider, we hope everyone tried out plenty of shoes. Again a big thank you to Beyond Hope and Mountain Boot co for providing the prizes for all podium finishers.

Gaz Parry Scarpa Demo
After an early morning, countless coffees, many great climbs and a lot of positive energy floating around, we all made it happen! All in all, a great day! We’re all proud of the team here at White Spider. It’s onwards and upwards and we’re expecting some more great results in the next round at Craggy Guildford on Saturday the 1st March.