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06 Jan 2015 12:34

Scarpa woodies

New Wooden Boulder Circuit…! New problems set with the beautiful Scarpa commissioned beastmaker holds, set by Yann Genoux and Evie Cotrulia.

Scarpa woodies

These beautifully crafted holds will be at White Spider for January and February courtesy of Scarpa UK, then touring the country at other slected walls.

So come on down and try them out…..!

06 Jan 2015 12:25

New Year’s resolution to get fit?

Leap into the New Year with the best fitness regime possible!

Jump into 2015

Climbing is a fantastic way to exercise. Its the holy grail – a mix of resistance training and aerobic exercise, with serious carb burn and great for developing flexibility and agility. All in a great social setting with friends.

Research shows a full on climbing session burns 600 – 1,000 calories per hour!  The NHS also publicised a great article extolling the benefits of climbing in Sept 2014.

So forget lifting weights or pounding the running machine…

… come on down to White Spider and enjoy your fitness!