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26 Mar 2015 13:19

YCS Regional Finals at White Spider

On the 21st of March White Spider hosted the Youth Climbing Series Regional Final, this event pitted the top 10 Youth Climbers in each age category from the London and South East Region. With the top 3 from each Category going through to the finals in Ratho, Scotland.
Lucy Rattue From Girls Category C on her 3rd Route
The proceedings two rounds saw 10 of the White Spider performance squad qualifying for the Regional final with many making podiums. The run up to the event saw squad members putting in extra hours at the wall, training hard for those podiums which would get them to Ratho.

Holly James Making her way through the Stalictite Roof 
On the day the Squad pulled out an amazing performance, the Highlight was 8 year old (Girls E) Lucy Garlick, battling it out in a Super Final on a tough 7a to take 2nd place and secure her place at Ratho. 

Lucy Garlic Cruising to the Top of her 3rd Route
In Boy’s A Matt Davies and Ryan Caby has the comp of their life, climbing amazingly to secure 4th and 5th place respectively against a tough field.  Likewise in Boys B Nat Hudspith and Freddy High had a great comp finishing in joint 4th and in Girls B Lucy Rattue managed a respectful 6th and Holly James 8th, and in Boy’s D Tom Kolasinksi finished 9th.
Matt Davis from Boys Category A on Route 3
With the Performance Squad competing amazingly even with a couple sick and one injured the future is looking good for next year’s competition season. The focus now shifts to GB team selection events for some of the squad and also putting their competition skills to practice on rock.
Words By:
Jon Redshaw MSc
Performance Climbing Coach
All Photos © by Evie Cotrulia
We would also like to send out a special thanks to Mountain Boot Co. for providing Grivel and Edelweiss prizes, and to Beyond Hope Climbing for providing Metolius and Rock Technology Prizes.

19 Mar 2015 15:43

BMC YCS Regional Finals

We are hosting the BMC Youth Climbing Series regional final for London and South East on Sat 21st.

BMC YCS at White Spider

The comp starts at 10am and runs through to 4pm. It will feature the top 100 young climbers across the region and with the winners going through to the nationals at the end of the month in Ratho.

We have cleared the diary of other bookings so there will be 70% of lines available. It should be an exciting day with a great buzz – so come along and enjoy…!

BMC YCS regional finals at White Spider

For more info check out the BMCs YCS pages.

BMC YCS - on our awesome Stal Roof


The White Spider Climbing team

18 Mar 2015 12:42

Easter Holiday Spiders!

Our awesome Holiday Spiders program is running from 23rd March to 12th April.

Holiday Spiders

These programs are a great way to keep your kids climbing after the end of the Winter term sessions, over the holidays, or just to experience the awesome powers of climbing! So come on down and enjoy, contact us via or phone us on 020 8397 0390. Pre-booking is essential!



the White Spider Team

16 Mar 2015 12:55

London Adventures – Urban Climbing

Lovely write up by Francesca in her blog Adventure is Everywhere – thank you 😉 …!

Hailed as London’s newest climbing centre, The White Spider is also one of the UK’s largest and having frequented a number of climbing centres in the past few years, is one of my favourites as one I go back to time and time again. 

Boudering at White Spider

Having climbed there a number of times since it’s opening in the summer of 2012, I notice that it has always been busy.  However, this in no way detracts from the experience.  The White Spider easily caters for its growing number of clients which spans a variety of age ranges and demographics.


Stepping into the seemingly inconspicuous building in the middle of an industrial estate, you are met with (literally) wall to wall climbing opportunities.  In fact, in your immediate eye line will be automatic belay climbing wall.  I love this!  Automatic belaying means that you are able to practice climbing without needing someone to belay for you which is very handy when climbing with a group who want to wander off and do different things.  To be honest, there is so much to do here it’s hard to keep a group together!


White Spider


Once you’ve got over the sensory overload of colourful climbing apparatus covering every inch of the expansive walls, you are greeted by The White Spider staff.  The customer service here is excellent and all staff that I have come into contact with really can’t do enough to help and advise you.  Once you’re kitted up with shoes and harness if needed, you can then climb or boulder to your heart’s content.  Stopping only to grab a refreshing cuppa from the well- stocked cafe where you can treat yourself to some much needed cake, sandwiches or something healthier if you prefer.


The White Spider has so much to offer.  As well as membership, which offers excellent value, there is also the opportunity to join a variety of clubs, to receive coaching and the opportunity to gain levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the National Indoor Climbing Award.  There is also fantastic provision for children and families in the form of clubs, school holiday activities and birthday parties.


Prow at White Spider


So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, The White Spider has everything that you are looking for within a friendly urban environment conveniently close to the Capital.


Also check out Francesca's instagram feed at



The White Spider Climbing team

14 Mar 2015 18:14

How many White Spider’s?!

So we have a little contest going on our Facebook page – how many White Spider's are there here at White Spider?

White Spider hold

Please check out our Facebook page for more!



The White Spider Team

05 Mar 2015 10:39


Many of you will have seen Matt Birch recently at White Spider hosting the Evolv boot demo and setting great blocs. On Friday 6th March Matt  is back setting the White Spider Monthly Boulder Comp. Matt is one of the country's best climbers and a great route setter. We caught up with him on his last visit to find out a bit more……

Name: Matthew Birch
Favourite Climbing Music: None. Rather climb with the sounds of nature.
Favourite Crag Food?: Bagel
How did you first get into climbing? When Hiking in the lake district with my parents I thought I wanted to climb big mountains so I started climbing. As soon as I started I was hooked with technical climbing.
How long have you been climbing? 27 years!
What is your proudest achievement in climbing: Every day I go out.
What's your favorite problem/route you've ever done? The most memorable was doing The Cad on North stack wall when I was 18.
Why was it so good? It was just one of those days were everything flowed and it was like I watched myself do the route.
Where is your favourite crag- In UK: Not sure if it’s my Favourite, but Rubicon wall holds some good memories.
Outside UK: Buttermilks in California.
If you could give someone one piece of advice for climbing, what would it be? Just enjoy it whether you succeed or fail.
Who or what inspires you, and where do you get your motivation from? In climbing I’m inspired by the move/process. The drive comes from within.
If you hadn't got into climbing, what do you think you'd be doing instead? No clue
How long have you been route setting? I think I first started in 1998, but took a break for a while.
What do you love most about setting? Trying to create moves that I have done or would like to do.
Where do you get your inspiration for route setting? From all the years I have climbed.
What's coming up next for you? A 200 mile drive north up the M1

Matt on Reach for the Peach, Yosemite, USA

Matt's Sponsors: Evolv, Blurr, Metolius and Beyond Hope


05 Mar 2015 9:44

Boulder comp – Fri 6th March 2015

Our regular First Friday boulder comp is back on Fri 6th March.

Boulder Comp on Fri 6th March

Setting this month is by Matt Birch, Matt Valera-Christie and our very own Evie Cotrulia – we are sure it will be a great crowd so get on down and enjoy!

Remember, CA$H PRIZE$ every month!

Cheers, the White Spider team.