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15 Oct 2015 9:31

Ben West Masterclass


Ben West, Pro Photographer, Route Setter, oh and did we mention he's one of the UK's top climbers? is running a bespoke workshop at White Spider. Having been on the British team, Climbed 8c and Coached climbing for many years now, you can be sure you will be getting some of the best Instruction in the Industry. The two hour workshop will focus entirely on bouldering, don't worry though this isn't just one for the T-shirts off, Beanies on, gang!

As well as focusing on helping you to push your bouldering grade, Ben will also be giving you some crucial hints and tips on getting through those crux moves to help you send those pesky projects.

Ben also route sets for White Spider, you can check out an interview we did here , or head over to Bens website to find out more about him and check out some of his great shots (not just of climbing!)

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