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27 Dec 2016 13:55

Winter ’16 Masterclass Series


This winter we have got together some of the UK’s top climbers to deliver some one off coached sessions. These are great if your looking for a boost to your climbing or feel as though you have plateaued. You can attend them all or pick and choose. At just £25 for two hours of professional coaching the lessons are a bargain. You’ll have to be quick though as spaces are limited! For full details and Online booking head over to our Masterclass page.

13 Dec 2016 16:45

Gift Cards at White Spider

Not sure what to get them this Christmas? Why not give the gift of an experience. Either head online to Purchase an E-gift card or pop in to purchase a physical gift card.

02 Dec 2016 19:59

Xmas & New Year specials

We have a round of great experiences for friends and family this Christmas. You can get stuck in with action on one of our sessions below. As well as a great 2 for 1 offer on our private lessons we also have our famous leap of faith sessions running. See below for full info. and booking.

02 Dec 2016 19:43

Gaz Parry Interview by Evie

Evie Interviews Gaz Parry

White Spider Masterclass 2016/7 Winter Series


Gaz Parry is one of the best and most accomplished climbers on the UK climbing scene. He redpoints F8c+ spots routes and boulders V13. He is involved in many aspects of the climbing world… he routesets, he coaches and he imports climbing holds to the UK, he is one of the founders of Blokfest. He has been manager of the British Bouldering Team and he is the only British climber to win the Arco rock masters international boulder comp.

Evie caught up with him after his coaching masterclass at White Spider on Monday 7th Nov…

How long have you been climbing?
I started when I was 12 so 31 years.


How did you start?
My friend’s Dad took us out to a place called Cadshaw Rocks near where I lived. On my 1st outing I climbed an E1 5a!


Where are you from?
Bury, Lancashire, UK


Where do you live now?
Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria



What do you love most about climbing?
1. The people, the scene
2. The moves – like the satisfaction of doing a hard move
3. Completion – the feeling of finishing something and getting closure. Achievement.

What is the best Route you’ve done?
Usually it’s always the last one I’ve just done. Which this time is an 8a+ called “1st of Jan” in Bulgaria.

What is the best boulder problem you’ve done?
“Riverbed”  V13 in Magic Wood Switzerland. I loved the complexity of all the little movements coming together.

What is your favourite climbing discipline?
For comps it’s boulder. For climbing outside it’s [sport] routes. For setting it’s boulder or routes for comps.

How long have you been coaching?
Over 10 years. I started at The North West Youth Festival and now do coaching holidays mostly like in Kalymnos and Fontainebleau and occasionally the one off masterclass like with you guys.


What is your best bit of training advice?
Have a goal [project] to train for. Too many people are training with no goal. If you don’t have a goal then just climb and save the training for when you have one.


Advice for someone climbing indoors for 2 years who wants to push through a plateau and get to the next level?
Get some coaching. Regular coaching with good technique, otherwise you just do your beginners course and get you harness and repeat bad habits until they’re ingrained. Or climb with a motivated partner who is slightly better than you so you can learn from them.


You’ve won the coveted Arco title. How did you feel? Emotions?
I felt normal. It didn’t feel real until after. I was doing a lot of comps then (9 years ago) and got on the podium for a few world cups too. The same year I also won the Norwegian Masters so it just felt normal.






What is in the future for Gaz Parry?
Go climbing 🙂


Gaz is sponsored by:
Scarpa UK
3rd Rock

10 Nov 2016 11:25

Social Sessions


At White Spider we have a number of social sessions running throughout the week where you can meet climbers new and old, grab a belay or beta for a problem. All our socials are FREE* to attend, include a FREE drink and have member of staff on hand to meet and greet. You just need to be over 18 and a competent roped climber for our roped climbing socials or for our boulder social, just watch our bouldering induction video and your good to go.

Boulder Mondays

Our friendly bouldering social has a relaxed vibe. Turn up and join the foray to share tips, meet new climbing partners and snaffle a bit of free coaching from our on hand bouldering champ, Patryk.

Monday Nights -19:30-21:30 with Patryk

Ladies Social’s

Avoid those pesky blokes on our ladies only socials. Run twice a week, our ladies meet up to roped climb and boulder, as well as chat over a nice cup of Coffee. The two Sarah’s will be on hand to meet and greet as well as belay.

Tues. -19:00-21:00 with Sarah M.

Thurs. -10:30-12:30 with Sarah W.

Mixed Social

Our popular mixed social, is a great place to meet new climbers. If you’re new to climbing this is a great place to get started! Our resident route setter, climber and all round good guy Stew. will get your partnered up in no time as well as provide beta for that route you’ve been stuck on!

Wed. – 19:00-21:00 with Stew

*plus your standard wall entry

04 Nov 2016 15:55

Emma Twyford – Winter Masterclass Interview

Will McEvoy Interviews Emma Twyford

White Spider Masterclass 2016/7 Winter Series


Last month, Emma Twyford gave a great Masterclass to kick off the White Spider Masterclass Winter Series. Will McEvoy, head of coaching, made sure to interview Emma.  Here’s what she told us:


How long have you been climbing?  23 years! I was 7 when I started.


How did you start? My dad started climbing and doing lots of outdoor stuff. He tried to drag me, my brother and sister into it but it only stuck for me. Really my dad and his friends taught me how to climb.


Where are you from?  The Lakes- a proper northerner!



Any tips for those who have been climbing indoors for a year or two? Something that can make a massive improvement.   

  • Footwork and movement are the key ones. if you start climbing inside you have all these positive holds so people don’t look at the basics of how to use their feet and move properly. Eg you can try taking out the hand hold so you only climb on [arrest] and grooves.
  • Have a play time on a problem. Try once and do it one way, then try again and do it differently. See which works better and why.
  • Watch other climbers – see how and why they climb well.
  • People think they need to train to get stronger but, in fact, most people would see greatest improvement by focusing on their technique.


How about coaching? Says Will (our head of coaching)!  Yeah! have some coaching! Everyone thinks they use their feet but coaching and video is useful way to see what really happens.  Accuracy matters. If you haven’t placed that first foot hold well, chances are when you go for the next move you’ll hesitate. If that first foot hold is accurate, your moves will be more fluid.



Do you have a favourite climbing moment? A favourite route? Obviously, you like in North Wales which is the best playground ever! Probably one of the earliest moments I had was “Statement of Youth”. I didn’t I appreciate just how hard the route was until afterwards. It came together so easily – for an 8A that is. It was my first 8A flash in the UK. Then, of course, there is “Lord of the Flies” the E6 6A at “The Cromlech”.


Well that is such a classic route, a piece of climbing history, a route you dream about! How did you find it?  It suited my style. The first moves were bold and serious and you needed to keep calm. But the holds were better than I thought they would be.



If you could live anywhere in the world? North Wales! Or if I had a choice of two places then North Wales in the summer and Spain in the Winter.



What’s your favourite climbing discipline?  Trad- always trad. There’s a bit of everything in trad and it’s got all the great history around it. It can be humbling to think someone climbed a route back in the 1930s in hobnail boots.



Thank you Emma for joining us!








Check out Emma on her website

as well as on twitter @EmmaTwyford and Facebook

31 Oct 2016 14:04

Gaz Parry Masterclass 7th Nov.


Next in the round up of our popular guest masterclasses is Gaz Parry. Having been at the top UK climbing for many years, Gaz Parry certainly knows his stuff. For just £25 you will have 2 hours of some of the best coaching in the industry from a former manager of the GB bouldering team.

Who for?
To get the most out of this session we reccomend you are bouldering a minimum of V2-3 or 6a on the climbing wall

Duration- 2 hours
Cost £25 pp
Includes wall entry before and after the session
1:8 ratio with coaching done on bouldering wall

31 Oct 2016 13:51

Free Monthly Boulder Comp. 4th Nov


Its that time again! Set number 11 of our boulder comp wall. This Friday we have the likes of Gav. Symonds, Yann Genoux and Nathan Phillips setting. The routes will be open from 6pm and the competition is FREE to enter. There are separate Male and Female categories with a £50 cash prize! In addition we have a brand new Mountain Equipment Duffle Bag, courtesy of Kingston Cotswold Outdoor, as a raffle prize.

We hope to see you there!

21 Oct 2016 13:34

October Holiday Classes

Thinking of trying out climbing? We have lots of exciting sessions running this Holiday for Adults, Kids or the whole family. Check out a full list of whats on and book online below!

20 Oct 2016 16:32

Emma Twyford – Womens Masterclass 24th Oct.


Back by popular demand! a masterclass from Emma Twyford. Emma, is one of the Uk’s top climbers, haivng climbed 8b+ sport, E9 Trad and bouldered V10. In 2013 Emma became the second british female to climb E9, with her ascent of Rare Lichen in Ogwen, North Wales. Not only this but Emma has a Degree in Sports coaching so certainly knows a thing or to when it comes to guiding climbers on their paths to crushing those routes and problems. You can check out a video of Emma on Rare Lichen below.

Book your place online now – sorry, No Men Allowed!

11 Oct 2016 15:52

We are hiring – Join the team!

White Spider is looking for a full time Duty Manager to join our operational management team. They would be part of the team responsible for the general operating of the centre during opening hours.

If you:

  • have previous Duty Manager experience,
  • are enthusiastic, flexible and have the ability to motivate a team of staff,
  • are able to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety are maintained at all times,
  • have excellent customer service skills,
  • have a current first aid certificate,
  • have cash handling experience,
  • have excellent organisational and communication skills,
  • are a keen, active and experienced climber,
  • can manage a busy workload and keep smiling,
  • have what it takes to be proactive in the running of a busy climbing centre.

Then please get in touch!

For more information and a full job description please email, or to apply please send you CV along with covering letter outlining your suitability for the role.

Closing date: 25th October 2016


06 Sep 2016 16:49

NICAS and Fun Clubs – Final Places


Great news! We still have a few places left on our popular termly clubs. Check out our full remaining availability here
Kids club and NICAS page.

04 Sep 2016 9:00

Introduce a Friend – Get 50% Off Entry Jul-Sep

Bring a friend-02

Introduce a friend between July and September to both get 50% off your entry. This offer will run throughout the summer, with the only limit being how many new friends you can introduce to climbing!

* You’ll both receive half price entry

* Pre-paid members will receive free coffee & cake

*Open to competent climbing members only

26 Aug 2016 18:42

White Spider 4th Birthday Party

WS 4th Birthday Poster Final-01(compressed)

The Grey hairs aren’t showing yet! so come down and celebrate White Spider’s 4th Birthday on Saturday 3rd September!

On the day

– The elite SEND! Boulder Comp with a total of £1000 Cash Prizes! – Pre-Registration is now Open!
– Plus another £1000 worth of gear prizes for challenges!
– Casual fun Boulder Comp also with loads of prizes! Pre-Registration is now Open!
– Leap of Faith Challenge
– Lead Climbing Competition
– Speed Climbing Competition
– Dyno Competition
– Table & Chair Climbing
– Slacklining
– Shoe Demos from 5:10 and Scarpa
– Quality DJ all day!
– BBQ with Veggie options too!
– Ice Cream Van

Leah Crane Masterclass Coaching

Click for more info. and online booking

FREE Rich Hudson Strength and Conditioning

Click for more info. and online booking

For Kids…or the young at heart!

– Children’s Treasure Hunt in the Castle
– Face Painting
– Kids Castle Fun Comp.

For new climbers – Half Price Taster Sessions

We will be offering our popular Taster sessions for half price on our birthday. That’s £9.25 for an hour of climbing! There are sessions for Adults, Kids and Families so there really is something for everyone. See full details and book online below.


18 Jul 2016 9:00

Summer Holiday Programme

Kids holiday spider WEB(compressed)

Our Holiday programs run every school holidays, 7 days per week. We have the following sessions available:

  • Spider Day Camp – Drop your kids off for a fun day filled with a host of climbing and non climbing based activities this summer. No previous climbing experience is needed and the session is suitable for ages 8-17yrs.
  • Fun Spiders – our fun climbing club split into age – Creepy Crawlies (5-6 years), Arachnids (7 – 12 years) and Black Widows (13 – 17 years). These sessions focus on climbing, games and FUN!

Classes start from just £15.00 per session! Click here to book online

16 Jul 2016 21:41

Proud to Support Paralympic Climbing


White Spider are proud to be supporters of the Paralympics and hosted a segment of the Channel 4 Team GB Olympics advert featuring our regular member Matt Phillips!

Matt recently took part in the World Paraclimbing Cup as part of the GB paraclimbing team in the Italian alps and won his first international gold medal, bringing home a total of 3 Gold and 1 bronze between the team!

We wish the very best of luck to Team GB in the upcoming events!

You can find out more information on the Team GB Paralympic climbing website or via this great UK climbing article.  (more…)

07 Jul 2016 19:14

Summer Upgrades


SUMMER UPGRADES! We have started a 2 week program of upgrades here at White:
– Shiny NEW boulder mats. Sorry but all bouldering will be closed for a few days from Monday 11th, we should have the upper area open again by Wed/Thurs and all areas open by the weekend. All roped climbing and autobelays open as usual.
– Reception/ Cafe refurb. Already under way and will be complete by mid next week. All open as usual.
– Improved ventilation. Complete by Friday.
Cheers – your friendly Spider Team

01 Jul 2016 9:35

35% Off Intro Lessons Booked in July


White Spider’s popular climbing and bouldering starter courses are 35% off when booked this July using code: WSBEGJ16 so there’s never been a been better time to learn to climb! Click here for booking . Offer valid for courses at peak times booked in July. Courses do not have to start in July to be valid for the offer so what are you waiting for.

13 Jun 2016 17:30

Rock Climbing Dad

This Fathers Day why not treat him to a rock climbing experience he will never forget.


At White Spider we recognise the hard work dads do! So to help you reward them we have got a number of great offers and gifts for Sunday 19th June:

  • Gift Vouchers for private coaching, beginners courses, t-shirts, chalk bags, climbing shoes and more! (can be used at a later date, see t&cs)
    or on the 19th only:

  • Book below and use promotional code FATHERS16 to receive our discounted rate of £16 per person on the day (normally £18.50) — PLUS — a free t-shirt if you can get three generations in the session!
  • Free hot drink and cake for Dads.


Check out the links above for bookings, drop us an email to find out more or ask at reception.

20 May 2016 13:02

May and June Holiday Climbing 28th-5th

2 new autobelays

Thinking of trying out climbing? We have lots of exciting sessions running this Holiday for Adults, Kids or the whole family. Check out a full list of whats on and book online below!