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13 Apr 2016 11:26

New Core Climbing Boulder Circuits

Pink Hold
Core Climbing Logo

We are excited to introduce another 15 problem boulder circuit at White Spider, the new pink circuit. We have selected some generously sized, interesting and skin friendly holds from our friends at “Core Climbing” in Sheffield. The grade for this circuit is VB. B stands for beginner or basic and as the name suggests it is an ideal circuit for those new to bouldering or who want something basic to warm up on.
However the main reason we introduced it was because climbers that were climbing higher grades had so much more to choose from because they could climb most or all of the circuits. Climbers still developing their skills and strength had less to choose from and we wanted to offer more. We recognised that we could improve and we acted on it.
In addition, and to spread the grades out in the easier circuits, the 15 problem purple V0 circuit has now moved up a notch and is graded at V0 to V1, and we’ve also bumped up the 15 problem yellow V0 to V1 circuit up to V1 to V2.
We are happy to be offering so much more choice for our climbers in all grades and the feedback has been awesome.
See you on the wall!
Evie Cotrulia
Head Route Setter