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05 Mar 2015 10:39


Many of you will have seen Matt Birch recently at White Spider hosting the Evolv boot demo and setting great blocs. On Friday 6th March Matt  is back setting the White Spider Monthly Boulder Comp. Matt is one of the country's best climbers and a great route setter. We caught up with him on his last visit to find out a bit more……

Name: Matthew Birch
Favourite Climbing Music: None. Rather climb with the sounds of nature.
Favourite Crag Food?: Bagel
How did you first get into climbing? When Hiking in the lake district with my parents I thought I wanted to climb big mountains so I started climbing. As soon as I started I was hooked with technical climbing.
How long have you been climbing? 27 years!
What is your proudest achievement in climbing: Every day I go out.
What's your favorite problem/route you've ever done? The most memorable was doing The Cad on North stack wall when I was 18.
Why was it so good? It was just one of those days were everything flowed and it was like I watched myself do the route.
Where is your favourite crag- In UK: Not sure if it’s my Favourite, but Rubicon wall holds some good memories.
Outside UK: Buttermilks in California.
If you could give someone one piece of advice for climbing, what would it be? Just enjoy it whether you succeed or fail.
Who or what inspires you, and where do you get your motivation from? In climbing I’m inspired by the move/process. The drive comes from within.
If you hadn't got into climbing, what do you think you'd be doing instead? No clue
How long have you been route setting? I think I first started in 1998, but took a break for a while.
What do you love most about setting? Trying to create moves that I have done or would like to do.
Where do you get your inspiration for route setting? From all the years I have climbed.
What's coming up next for you? A 200 mile drive north up the M1

Matt on Reach for the Peach, Yosemite, USA

Matt's Sponsors: Evolv, Blurr, Metolius and Beyond Hope